Message from the President

presJOCANIMA Corporation aims to be one of the key innovators and product providers in the agricultural, environmental, veterinary, public health and industrial sectors. We put emphasis on supplier/developer relations and professional product marketing to establish the value of our customers’ brands and offer a wide variety of products meeting customers’ needs and expectations. The key to our success can be attributed to our strict quality standards in all our products and services and by promoting internal competency through rigid training and further development of skills needed in promoting and marketing our products.

I wish to invite you to explore and find out more about our high quality products for both the domestic sales and international markets, such as:

  • Crop protection
  • Bio-Pesticides for plantation and vegetable crops
  • Inorganic and special organic fertilizers
  • Environmental products for odor control
  • Insecticides for mosquito control
  • Mosquito trap
  • Pest control and household products
  • Seeds
  • Disinfectants for agri-tools for bananas
  • Agricultural spraying equipments
  • Fogging machines/misters
  • Sugar-mill chemicals
  • Spreader-stickers-surfactants
  • Banana spray oils
  • Termiticdes
  • Veterinary products
  • Pet/chicken /game bird insecticide shampoo
  • Bird and snake repellants

We trust that your visit to our website will provide you with more information on our product portfolio and services. We look forward to exploring new business opportunities with you in the near future.


Celso Lozada Evangelista