JCEE’S Amazing Getaway

JOCANIMA Corporation embarked on a two-day adventure trip to the mountain side of Laurel, Batangas in Las Haciendas Green Communities last April 14 &15 for their annual summer outing. The 2-day activity worked around the theme: “The Amazing JC Race 2011.”

The Human Resources Department headed by Ms. Marie Becina, organized and facilitated the morning activities/group dynamics, where employees enjoyed mini-games such as “I like you because…,” an activity that highlighted the unique qualities and good traits of each employee. It stirred a lot of unexpected and funny remarks. Followed by “Shoe-It,” an ukay-ukay type of game. In this activity, employees were divided into eight groups with five members each. With their footwear collected in one area, members were asked to track each pair. The first team to completely put on their shoes (with their laces tied) wins the game. The activity surely tested each group’s teamwork.

In the afternoon, JC employees experienced nature up close as they trekked the trail to Ambon-Ambon Falls. The waterfall is an epitome of “ambon,” or drizzle because the droplets collected at the falls’ catch basin only comes to about two to three feet deep.

Day one ended with lots of singing, swimming, beer drinking and partying.

The climax of the summer festivity is the Amazing Race which was held on the second day. Four teams, composed of 6 to 7 members, competed for the title “Race Kings and Queens.” They were the teams: Green Mango, Yellow Cabbage, Blue Berries and Red Onions.

A brief prayer led by HR Assistant Jhunie May De Torres started the day. It was then followed by the recitation of the Oath of Sportsmanship led by Business Development Researcher Randolph Reboja, which marked the beginning of the competition. After which, the teams presented their respective cheer dance and group logo. The judges’ grades for these segments contributed 20% to a team’s total score.

Upon receiving their race kits and clues, the teams progressed to their respective game stations. There are a total of seven stations: (1) Toxic Waste, (2) Mine Field, (3) Apple Vultures, (4) Obstacle Course, (5) Climb-A-Wall and Slide for your Life, (6) Mudslide and (7) Puzzling Isn’t It?

The muscle-pounding wall climb and the breathtaking zipline allowed each participant to overcome his/her fear of heights. The strenuous obstacle course, composed of nine tracks, produced the most number of funny stumbles, faces and poses. The lethal toxic waste challenged the team’s steadiness while the mine field tested the team’s coordination to prevent the blindfolded members from bumping against each other and from hitting the scattered “mines.” The apple eating station, made for exhausted and hungry players, was one sumptuous experience. The death defying giant mudslide was one scary but refreshing opportunity of falling into muddy water while striking a picture-perfect stunt. The mindboggling puzzle of JOCANIMA Corporation’s vision, mission and brand promise was the last challenge of the race.

Prior to departure, winners of Cheerdance, Logo Design and the Amazing Race competitions were announced. The Red Onions and Green Mango teams tied for 1st place in the Cheerdance contest while the grand prize for Logo Design competition was bagged by Red Onions. For the Amazing Race, Yellow Cabbage won 3rd runner-up, Green Mango placed 2nd runner-up while the Blue Berries bagged the 1st runner-up post. The Red Onions dominated the competition after finishing first and winning the grand prize worth PhP 7,000.00.

The event was documented by the official photographers, IT and Logistics Assistant Manager Luis Arvin Pabalan and ECVPI Product Development Associate Dr. Nancy Lapid.

Congratulations to all the participants, winners and organizers who made this activity truly amazing! All the pains and bruises are nothing compared to the joy they brought. Let’s all enjoy the remaining days of the summer heat!