Jocanima Corporation Supports Davco’s Sagip Kalikasan Project

Davao City Agriculture Office Head Leo Avila, more popularly known as “Happy LA,” within the industry, congratulated and encouraged the organizers and participants of the Davao Agricultural Ventures Company (DAVCO) SAGIP KALIKASAN tree planting project. The project’s goal is to help ensure sustainable agriculture in the city by planting more trees.

DAVCO, in partnership with JOCANIMA Corporation and other civic groups, planted a total of 2,500 seedlings of fruit-bearing and forest trees, on the hills of Baranggay Cawayan, Calinan, Davao City last September 18.

“We acknowledge that water is a very important resource especially for agriculture [which utilizes] 70 – 80% of water. And one of the important strategies of holding water and to ensure a sustainable agricultural program of the industry is to plant more trees,” Avila said.

DAVCO Assistant Vice President Edito Cayanong concurred with Avila’s opinion and committed to continue the CSR program, saying that “the more we conduct tree planting [activities], [the more] we help in protect[ing] and develop[ing] the environment.”

With the recent activity, DAVCO was able to plant 5,000 of the targeted 8,000 seedlings for this year. Baranggay Cawayan Head Cornelia Belarmino affirmed that it has been a continuous joint project of the company with the baranggay to protect the environment, “Dagko na ang uban [halaman] nga among gitanom [The seeds that we planted are already big].”

The University of Immaculate Concepcion (UIC), which adopted Baranggay Cawayan for its environmental programs, shall monitor and ensure the healthy growth of the newly-planted seedlings. The seedlings include puyat durian, mango, mangosteen, mahogany and narra. DAVCO personnel shall also visit the said area from time to time, to help in monitoring the growth of the plants.

Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA), who co-sponsored the activity said that they have been all over Mindanao, even as far as Datu Paglas in ARMM region, to conduct tree-planting activities, which is one of the priority projects of the group.

“To ensure that our business continues…, let’s plant more trees, [and] protect our water shed because that means there will be water for our business,” added Avila.

The success of the activity was due to the concerted efforts of DAVCO, PBGEA, Antonio O. Floirendo Foundation (AOFF), Baranggay Council of Cawayan, Cawayan Elementary School, City Agriculture Office of Davao, DENR CENRO-West Bangkal, CENRO Agdao, Office of Councilor Bernie Alag, the 84th IB of the 7th Infantry Division of Philippine Army, Calinan Police Station and JOCANIMA Corporation.