A Decade of Excellence

LAS PIÑAS CITY, PHILIPPINES – JOCANIMA Corporation (JC), one of the country’s leading providers of quality agrochemicals nationwide, celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary at the Penthouse of the JC Main office in Las Piñas City last July 26.

A thanksgiving mass officiated by Monsignor Roberto Guiuan, marked the beginning of the celebration. In his opening remarks, JC’s President and CEO, Mr. Celso Evangelista, emphasized on the idea of “looking beyond the present and helping one another to realize the goals of the company.” The speech was immediately followed by ceremonial cutting of cake led by Mr. Evangelista and SVP for HR and Finance, Mrs. Josefina Evangelista.

Of course, any JC celebration won’t be complete without a salu-salo amongst the JC Las Piñas and ECVPI employees. An audio-visual presentation, created by HR Assistants Jerome Zorilla and Jhunie May De Torres and IT Assistant Eleazar Ycay, was also played. This elicited a lot of wide grins amongst the employees, especially those who have been a part of the JC family for more than three years or so.

After the sumptuous meal, select employees were asked to share their funniest JC encounters, experiences and stories via “Laglagan Time” – the celebration’s most hilarious highlight.

To add excitement to the festivity, the HR department also raffled off JC items and other exciting goodies to employees.

The celebration ended with a few wise words from SVP, Josie Evangelista. It was indeed a fitting celebration to commemorate JOCANIMA’s first ten years of success!

An Account of JC’s 10 years
Established in July 26, 2001, JOCANIMA Corporation started with one “Cels.” Since then, the company continues to grow its house of talents with more than 100 employees, honing each one with values of innovativeness, quality, networking and partnership.

JOCANIMA continues to expand as it develops its Animal and Environmental Health divisions as well as its Gamefowl line through Enviro CropVet Products, Inc. and Experto respectively, serving a multitude of farms, distributors, plantations and integrators nationwide- truly a decade of unparalleled excellence. Way to go JC!